Every farm is unique.

GFG Ag Services has worked side by side with farmers for nearly 30 years. In that time we’ve learned that no two farm businesses are the same. Not day-to-day. Not field-to-field. Every GFG location takes this knowledge to heart, every time we work with our customers.

Growing with agriculture.

Family owned since 1988, GFG Ag Services is a forward-thinking American company committed to American agriculture. Our founders, who remain involved in daily business, recently combined resources with a U.S. agricultural partner enabling GFG to expand our products and unparalleled service to meet the growing needs of our customers. Today, on farms throughout Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa, GFG Ag Services maintains its reputation for putting the individual first.

And customers understand how much that means. They know that working with local managers and staff brings an added level of trust and personalization to every decision. No matter whether that is choosing seed, fertilizer or crop protection, or getting sound financial advice, GFG Ag Services is a better business partner.

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