We’re here to help you grow.

We never forget the importance of flexibility. That’s why your local GFG location will help you get the inputs you want, when you want them. It’s also why we maintain a fleet of custom application equipment that ensures your field work is done on time and to your exact specifications. But all these options only fully make sense when your plans combine with our expertise.

Go further, with great inputs and sound advice.

No matter what your business goals, you need the strongest possible start. And the way to get that is from our diverse lineup of genetics. It’s a never ending job evaluating new seed technology, but it’s the only way to help you accurately review your options and choose those that have the highest likelihood of success.

It’s a given: you will apply fertilizer to help improve your yield and restore soil nutrient levels. But from that point, you have important choices to make: liquid vs. granulated products, timing and application methods, not to mention fine tuning prescription blends to meet soil and weather conditions. Need advice? We can help.

Crop protection
It used to be a simple activity. But along with better technology comes the need to understand how new products work and how they work together. The more we work with you, the more you’ll see that the most valuable crop protection is the GFG advisor who wants to help.

GFG Ag Services is determined to make our broad inventory of seed, fertilizer and crop protection products available to all of our customers. This includes the short term financing required to keep your business growing.

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