Quality loading for your export needs.

GFG Inland Elevator and Grain specializes in container loading services for grain and feed ingredients to the export industry. We provide container drayage, grain inspection, and export certificates for handling exports of bulk Soybeans, Sorghum, DDGS, SBM and more. We are centrally located near all major class I railroad ramps and intermodal depots thus minimizing drayage costs and allowing quick turnaround in container loading.

Sound strategies to move your farm ahead.

Our highly skilled Inland Elevator & Grain team is organized under the name GFG Inland Elevator and Grain. From basic functions like storage and transportation through short-term contracts, these locations offer a variety of proven ways to support your grain marketing activities. To provide additional opportunity, we are actively engaged in moving products by truck, rail and export containers.

With the advice and ongoing support of GFG Inland Elevator &¬†Grain, you’ll build on what you already know and do. Grain marketing becomes a simpler, largely stress-free process — a natural complement to the agronomic decisions you make every day.

Experience that delivers results.

Your local GFG team has a deep understanding of both your farm and the growing domestic and international markets where your products are sold. We work only with the most current, reliable market data, constantly investing time and money to open additional markets and increase your opportunity.

To keep your operation running at its most profitable level, count on us for innovative risk management programs, expanded market access, and conscise, seasoned analysis of market information.

We are your trusted information source, helping you increase diversification in marketing, spreading risk between several strategies and backstopping the process with the option of crop insurance.

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