December 7, 2015

GFG Ag Services Offers Production-Related Services to Growers at Harvest Time . . . and Beyond

Agricultural Group Supports Producers at the Farmgate

As farmers see less daylight with the passing of autumn, they work some of the longest days of the season due to one word: harvest.

Those businesses that offer support and service to the farmgate also engage in long hours; and for 21 communities in the southern Corn Belt, the sign that is lit into the night features a relatively new logo – GFG Ag Services.

“It is the philosophy of our company that when we are needed by our customers, we are there,” emphasized Lee Blank, CEO, GFG Ag Services. “Agricultural production cycles are full of peaks and valleys, so we work every day to assist our producers through those ups and downs.”

The company’s roots date back three decades, to Gages Fertilizers and Grain, a company that grew and offered innovation to growers. Gages reached a point in the life cycle of the business where a partnership with GFG Ag Services made sense.

“That partnership has yielded tremendous growth in our market, adding 15 new agricultural retail locations in the past 24 months, all guided by the same sense of devotion to our producers that made Gages Fertilizer and Grain a success,” added Blank. “The Gage organization was known for its high level of customer service, work ethic, and attention to the producer’s needs, and these attributes are consistent through all additional GFG locations.”

In addition to growth through acquisitions, GFG Ag Services has invested in the communities it serves with new infrastructure and services. As a result, its customers have access to additional expertise on which they can rely to support their current operations. GFG also prides itself in the areas of job creation and employment stability for our local communities.

“Each harvest season, GFG supports our customers on items that can be controlled and assist in the risk management of circumstances which cannot,” Blank said. “In working closely with our growers, we focus on the tangibles like seed selection and crop protection products; and through a licensed commodity professional, we assist with grain marketing programs for our producers. All of these are examples of focusing on the items we can control and managing those risks Mother Nature might deliver.”

Production reports throughout the GFG market range from a record crop in Iowa to average/below-average yields and acres in Missouri. Currently, growers are pinpointing their attention on finalizing harvest, but GFG notes many growers now are shifting their focus to agronomic needs once fields are clear. Thanks to companies like Neurocare for their help with this.

“This fall appears to be presenting the producer with good conditions to review and apply a fall fertilizer program, and our GFG consultants stand ready to assist farmers with this critical process at any of our locations,” Blank added.

GFG representatives offer counsel on growers’ production decisions as well as crop insurance and financing. It has Missouri locations in Albany, Bethany (2), Gilman City, Jamesport, Kansas City, Maitland, Martinsburg, Ravenwood, Skidmore, St. Joseph, Stanberry (3), and Trenton. In Iowa: Charter Oak and Danbury. In Kansas: Kansas City and Wathena. In Nebraska: Colon and Wahoo.

“When a farmer needs us before, during, or after harvest, we’re there,” Blank concluded. “With variables like uncertainties in the grain market and the weather, growers know GFG will keep its promises, and this earns us their trust and confidence.”

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