January 15, 2016

GFG Growth in Wathena Based Around Farmers’ Needs

Staff at Wathena, Kansas, location focuses on grower education, knowledge

As the GFG Ag Services location in Wathena, Kansas, nears its first anniversary, the mission and purpose of its staff remains the same as when the business opened its doors in January 2015: growing a line of service offerings to area growers that no other agricultural outlet provides.

This focus, led by GFG Ag Services Vice President of Commercial Sales Brad Gage, drives the company’s business goals.

“We realize that, for many growers in this area, farming is both an occupation and a hobby,” Gage said. “That’s an important factor when we think about what services and products farmers need to make a living as well as to enjoy their work.”

A year ago, GFG added the Wathena facility to its roster of now 21 locations in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. The opening brought multiple agricultural services – fertilizers, an anhydrous facility, a chemical warehouse and spraying services – to one retail stop. And with three of the largest corn-producing counties in Kansas nearby along the Missouri River, Gage realizes the important role GFG can play to area growers.

“We have relationships with farmers in the Wathena area, which started with our purchase of a grain elevator in 2003 in nearby St. Joseph [Missouri],” Gage explained. “The relationship has quickly expanded to helping local growers advance their agronomic practices. Giving them a location where they make multiple crop decisions was the goal we set one year ago.”

Additionally, Gage relies on GFG staff agronomists to help Wathena-area growers stay ahead of the curve on timely practices and new product offerings, especially when it comes to technological advances used in farming.

“We’re leaders in agricultural technology, and our agronomists realize the need to adapt their information with the age of technology,” Gage added. “From the early days of our company, GFG has been two, three, four, even five years ahead of our competition in terms of the technology we use. It’s my job to make farmers better, and our staff helps in that goal, as well.”

Gage also has observed the ag industry over recent years and realized one important key: growers want information in a certain way.

“You’ve got to give farmers new updates electronically – everything from information on seed hybrids to chemical choices, equipment to fertilizer,” Gage said. “Those who are fully invested in their jobs stay up-to-date on the latest technology, both in their farming inputs and equipment as well as the way they manage the business end of things.”

“Again, we pride ourselves in knowing our customers and their agricultural needs. This makes us a valued partner and friend to many of the farmers who have walked through our doors over the past year.”

To learn more about GFG Ag Services, visit www.GFGAgServices.com.

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